Epicentre -noun. A focal point, where things shake up

My photoMy appologies if you have only just heard about Epicentre and discovered it closed.  Epicentre opened the doors in March 2010 and closed for good in July 2013.  It was a pretty good run and I would like to think that Epicentre's existence made a difference for people in Paignton as well as those who came from far away to visit: like those customers who would come on day trips from Manchester just for lunch.

Lots of good things have come out of Epicentre: Friendships, artistic collaborations, a band called Croydon Tourist Office, and even romance.

I believe that the community spirit that popped up around Epicentre still exists, with or without the hub that Epicentre was, so I hope that Paignton can find it within itself to carry on. Epicentre was always about the community and it would be a shame to see that end.

I am now working as a chef at The Real Food Store in Exeter and keeping busy. Live, as always, moves on because it must.

                                                                           - Bryce Dumont

Aside from the food, drinks, cakes, and books, we always strived to support the creative community of Paignton, Torbay, and South Devon and I hope that we managed that.

We stayed open late to allow for a different creative workshops and perfoprmanced from time to time. Sometimes we would have a gathering of writers, sometimes musicians, sometimes film makers.

Epicentre also doubled as a recording and mixing studio. I recorded live demos for musicians at Epicentre, recorded live performances with my mobile studio, and I still do work with a recording studio with possibly the best rates in the area. I always work hard to get you the sound that you want. We used to be the only recording studio in Devon where you can have fresh coffee and cakes while working on your music.

There were a lot of things going on and lots of things that the community can still do together without Epicentre.

And besides, I'm not totally gone, should you need any help of advice.